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Q&A: IV med infiltrated

Q: I was getting Solumedrol drip and got a big goose egg where my IV needle was inserted. Will I get benefit from the drug that went into my skin? A:  Thank you for your question. There are several articles on the topic of IV infiltration, however, I didn’t find anything specific on this.  So here…


Happy Thanksgiving!

On behalf of the infusionnurse blog, thank you for your continued support. We appreciate and are always very grateful for your loyalty, Wishing you and your family and friends a warm and happy Thanksgiving!


What IV needle size should I use?

A: The goal when selecting the proper gauge of an peripheral IV catheter is to ensure that the best device meets the patient’s needs.  This means taking into consideration many factors such as: Prescribed therapy/type of solution Duration of treatment Peripheral vein availability/vein integrity Diagnosis /Age Known complications of the device The Infusion Nurses Society standards of practice…


Happy Veterans’ Day

On this day, we commemorate all living and deceased veterans who heeded the call of duty. That would include those missing in action, our wounded warriors, former prisoners of war and millions of veterans who have served both in war and peace. By honoring our veterans, we show gratitude for their devotion to human dignity and freedom.…


Q&A: ICD 10 and infusion nurses

On October 1, 2015, one of the biggest events that hit healthcare data in decades was the conversion of coded clinical data to the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems: Tenth Revision, commonly referred to as ICD-10. Q: What happened to ICD 9? A:In 1983, Medicare implemented ICD-9 as part of the…