homephoto3a Greetings and welcome to my blog! I am a registered nurse (RN) with many years of clinical experience both in the hospital and alternate healthcare settings. I am a certified registered nurse in infusion (CRNI); board certified in vascular access (VA-BC) and have practiced in the specialty of infusion nursing long enough to call myself an “real” infusion nurse. In addition, I also have a business degree (MBA), which allows me to have a unique perspective combined with my critical thinking skills.

I decided to join the blogging world simply because of my interest in technology and social media. As an infusion nurse, widgets, technology and the web have always fascinated me and I welcome the challenge of learning something new.  I also discovered that while nurses have blogs, most of them are personal.  So, with minimal to no blogging skills but armed with years of nursing and infusion therapy experience, you can expect this blog to be professional yet informal, friendly and informative platform for discussion and sharing ideas related to infusion nursing, vascular access and infusion therapies.  Sometimes I think I know it all but I know I don’t 🙂 …. so I welcome your comments and ideas. Please visit our content disclaimer page and our blog comments policy.

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