RN/FM Radio

@infusionnurse was a guest of RNFM Radio hosted by Keith Carlson and Kevin Ross RN. Listen or download the following podcasts.

Podcast: Episode 126: Infusion Nurse Specialist

Podcast: Episode 129: Infusion Nursing Roundtable

Insights in Nursing

@infusionnurse was a regular member of the nursing panel on Insights in Nursing. Listen or download the following podcast episodes

Podcast: Episode 6 – “Where did all the bloggers go?”

Podcast  Episode 14 – “Doctor Nurse, Nurse Doctor Turf Wars” .

Podcast: Episode 14- “Third Time is a Charm”

Podcast Episode 16 – “Donuts, Not Just for Cops Anymore

Podcast: Episode 18 – “I’m not Furniture, I’m Glue”

Podcast: Episode 24 – “Coffee Infused Stethoscope” 

Podcast: January 14, 2011 – “Properly Posting Placentas and Other Facebook Pheaux Pas”

Podcast: August 27, 2012- “Error Creep and Just Culture” 

The Nursing Show

@infusionnurse has been a guest on The Nursing Show hosted by Jamie Davis RN. Listen or download the following podcast episodes.

Nursing Show: Episode 54 – “Interview about Infusion Nursing”

Nursing Show: Episode 151 – “Intraosseous Access by Infusion Nurse Cora Vizcarra”