Hello Bloggers…here I come!

I am an infusion nurse, so I think of myself as a technically inclined widget loving person.  Somehow I have dragged my feet when it comes to blogging! Why?? I am not really sure. I read a lot of blogs written by both personal and professional bloggers. I must admit I have been overly critical about some blogs but overall, I have learned from some and enjoyed most. So why am I not blogging when I am on Twitter and Facebook? Maybe I’m just lazy or perhaps its because blogs are longer than 140 characters or because I’m not even sure why should I blog?  Do I have something worthwhile or interesting to blog? I guess I’ll find out. I do like to try things and as the saying goes… there’s always a first time for everything.  So with much prodding and encouragement from friends and colleagues,  here I am.  Hello bloggers!

2 thoughts on “Hello Bloggers…here I come!

  1. Thank you for letting me in here. Please let me know what should I put in for your anchor text in my site. We are on the process now of building a huge nursing directory list and I wanted your site to be included.

    Shameless plug: We will be posting the November 2009 nursing board exam result in our website. Please let your Filipino visitors know about it. CIAO!

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