Last minute holiday gift ideas…

What about a pap smear, a prostate exam, a colonoscopy or a mammogram? Holiday public service announcements have been airing on network TV station CBS urging the gift of a pap smear or prostate exam for your loved one, spouse or significant other. If you haven’t seen it, here’s what you have been missing.

I’m not sure what to think. Indeed, heightening public awareness of the importance of these tests is good public service, however, to some, these ads may be awkward and insulting. These are routine screening and tests, not “real” holiday gifts. For some couples, these gifts can be a “relationship” breaker especially in the early stage of a relationship. When I saw this ad, I started to think of what I would say if I got this as a gift. I think I would say.. I can schedule my own pap smear, thank you very much. Now, where is my real gift? The ads are quite entertaining and I hope the “real” message of the importance of screening and exams will come across to viewers more so than the “gift” idea.

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays! Hope you get the “gift” that you wished for!