To blog or not to blog…

Today was a great day, not only because its Friday but because I had the great opportunity to participate  in a discussion (podcast) on Insights in Nursing regarding the departure of a long time medical blogger from blogging. As a new blogger, I didn’t have much interaction with Mark Glencorse but I have read a few of his blogs. As a long time blogger, he has contributed greatly to the EMS world and it was a shock to see  him write that he will be closing his blog site, 999medic. He has his reasons and have to respect his decisions but what is concerning is this statement from Mark:

A lot has happened in the past few weeks but the clincher has been the knowledge that there are some out to prove just how ‘dangerous’ blogging can be for those who write blogs.

More and more has been happening recently that has made me more nervous than I have been in the past about what I write. I know, 100%, that I have not broken any patient’s confidence, I have not brought my service into disrepute and that I have acted as a professional throughout the whole time I have been blogging.

It is disheartening to read this and hope that nothing unpleasant happens to anyone. Good luck Mark, you will be missed!

You can find the podcast on this website – Insights in Nursing.

Thanks to Jamie Davis RN (@podmedic on Twitter) from the Nursing Show for the invitation. It was so much fun and enjoyed meeting a fellow nurse blogger, Kim McAllister of Emergiblog. (@emergiblog on Twtter)

2 thoughts on “To blog or not to blog…

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  2. I hope that by being more proactive with employers about education on social media, we can avoid losing valuable resources like this blog in the future!

    Thanks for coming on the show and sharing your experiences with the listeners. I hope you will be able to come back and join the panel again, soon!

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