Nurses at Blog World Expo 2010

I’m back from Las Vegas where I attended the Social Health track of Blog World Expo 2010. This was my first time at Blog World Expo and one of the few non-nursing conferences I ‘ve been to (yes, I need to get out more often! :)). I certainly was one of  the newbies – dazed and confused. It was a very impressive conference and at the same time overwhelming by the enormous amount of information presented. There’s something for everyone involved in social media, blogging, podcasting, and many other media formats I won’t even pretend to know or  understand.

I was clinging to my new found friends and  fellow nurse bloggers/colleagues from Twitter at the Social Health track sponsored by Johnson and Johnson and Medpage Today. I listened to many legendary bloggers such as @epatientdave (Dave deBronkart), @kevinmd (Dr. Kevin Pho) and our very own nurse blogger @emergiblog (Kim McAllister).  I had many “aha” and “duh” moments during the day and I quickly realized how physicians and patients have effectively utilized the power of social media for empowerment, for answers to their health questions, and/or to communicate effectively with patients.  I was excited and at the same time, I felt sad that there were only a handful of nurses in the room!  Where are the nurses? Weren’t we once the ones patients turned to for information when they felt intimidated or shy asking the physicians? Is it just because nurses didn’t know about the social health track at blog world? Or have we (nurses) not fully embraced social media not realizing that perhaps our patients might be more informed than we are?

I know that we all have our own reasons, and not all nurses want ( or need) to be on social networking sites ( or attend blog world). Yes, it is a choice and not a requirement. I do know many nurses are on social networking sites. I do wish however that they utilize the power of the internet and the social networks not only for personal reasons but for professional growth as well. We have to catch up with the rest of the world where information is shared at lightning speed. Like it or not, there are benefits to social media we can’t overlook.

It was a great learning experience for me and I met the most incredible people in healthcare and “celebrities” in the blogging world! I am glad I came and will plan on going again next year. Hey, why don’t you come too?

Many thanks to Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing for rounding up the nurse bloggers who were at Blog World together for breakfast. Your continued support for nursing is greatly appreciated!

Nurse Bloggers Breakfast at Blog World 2010 Las Vegas. Left from front @mommystory, @emergiblog, Becky from JNJ and staff from GCI, @podmedic (head of table). Right from front @infusionnurse, @lorryschoenly, Kelly from GCI and Amy Davis. Not in picture is @jdlasica from @timefornurses

Pictures from Infusionnurse.

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  1. We have one amazing research nurse in my specific health community who emails and talks by phone with families nearly every day – we love her much!

    I hope to run into you at another social health event in the future : )

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