Closing out 2010..

The last day of the year and yes, 2010 went by so fast.  I consider myself lucky for it was a good year f0r me professionally and an equally good year for this blog as well. Through this blog, I have met so many wonderful individuals,  learned so much from them, and very grateful for their friendship.

In 2010, this blog turned a year old and I was very happy to have passed that milestone.  I am very thankful to all of my blog visitors, very grateful to many of you who have been regular readers, and appreciate those who have left comments.  I am truly humbled and appreciate your support.

So to close off this wonderful year, here are the top ten most read blog posts in 2010.

10. “Numbing with Bacteriostatic Normal Saline” – a blog about the use of bacteriostatic normal saline to numb the site prior to insertion. Yes, it works, read to find out how.

9.  “Should doctors follow nursing standards of practice?” – a post on when there are standards of practice for nursing ( eg infusion therapy) and none in medicine. A registered nurse inserting a peripheral IV would be expected to follow the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, but what about the doctor? What standards of practice would the doctor be held up to?

8. “Sterile Water for injection…not for infusion” – a post on a case  involving an RN who added a medication to a 250mL bag of Sterile Water(unintentionally) and administered by infusion via a peripheral IV  to a patient.

7. “When an infusion nurse gets an IV” – a post about my experience having an IV. It is not easy when a nurse is on the receiving end as the patient.

6. “Wearing gloves…is NOT optional” – a post about wearing gloves when starting an IV…yes, you should wear gloves!!

5. “Is there a difference? Osmolarity vs. Osmolality” – These terms have always been confusing. In infusion therapy, particularly with Fluids and Electrolytes and IV solutions, these two terms certainly have  important roles and understanding each term will be helpful to us.

4. “Nurses + Artificial Nails = Bacteria” – my blog about artificial nails and the potential danger for our patients.

3. “Infusion by Gravity Drip” – my blog on calculating IV rates for gravity you remember how?

2.“Phlebitis – the sequeal” …my blog about using the phlebitis scale to identify and document phlebitis.

1. “Just say No”…the most read post of the year – my blog about avoiding the antecubital fossa when starting IV’s.

Good bye 2010….it has been a great year!

Hello 2011… May you bring lots of luck, happiness, joy, wealth, good health, and more blog posts!!

Happy New Year….Cheers!!!

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