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On January 25,  national IV nurse day, the Infusion Nurses Society  (INS) announced the release of the revised 2011 Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice. This has been a long awaited document for infusion nurses and I am so happy to hear this news.  So like a child on Christmas morning, I wait in great anticipation to get my free copy as a member of INS in the mail, always checking the mailbox TID since Tuesday’s announcement. (update: Gold Standard came in the mail today!!!)

I understand that not all may share my enthusiasm about the Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice. Many say that it only applies to infusion nurses and the rest of the nursing world doesn’t care at all. Ouch!!!… that hurts.  😦  The reality is, I have seen so many situations where nurses get in legal trouble related to infusion/IV therapy and they are held to the same Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, whether they know about it or not, follow it or not. Claiming ignorance of the  standards is not an excuse and not a defense.

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3 thoughts on “Take our survey: Standards of Practice

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  2. Agreed. I work in oncology, belong to INS and ONS and am tired of nurses saying they are not aware of the standards. I too have been waiting for them to appear in my mailbox. The survey was NOT available to me…. I got a server error each time I tried to access that. I use Mozilla not IE….hope that is not an issue. Thanks, Susan

    • Hi Susan,
      I’ve checked the survey using different browsers and it has worked each time. Sorry you’re having problems but here’s a link to the survey, hope this one will work for you. http://polldaddy.com/s/89911DF2E8D8ABEB

      Thanks for your comment. I too work in an oncology, in an infusion center and hard to believe that some of my co-workers don’t even know about the standards. Guess we have a lot of work to do to spread the work about the standards.

      Best regards,

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