INS 2011: Exhibit Hall Experience

I am back from the INS 2011 meeting in Louisville  and  although it was exhausting, one can’t say they didn’t learn anything, The week was packed with educational sessions that focused on may different core aspects of infusion nursing. The exhibit hall was packed with vendors and manufacturers eager to showcase their latest and greatest products and devices.  There was something for everyone who attended – from first time attendees to veteran infusion nurses like myself and exhibit vendors/manufacturers, who hopefully benefited from the time allocated just for exhibits. From 10am-2pm Monday – Wednesday, attendees had the time to be in the exhibit hall to view vendor/manufacturers exhibits/booths; poster presentations, exhibitor theaters, and simulation labs. Although it seem like a lot of time, when fully engaged in these activities, 12 hours doesn’t seem enough.

The exhibit hall was huge and to see every booths and exhibits, one needs a strategy to get through without missing any booth or presentation. My strategy is simple and that is…. to go down the numbered aisles and look around for those vendors on my list first, then visit those not on my list next. I am very grateful to all the vendors who were there whether they had something new to show or not because their products contribute greatly to patient care and safety. Their willingness to educate nurses is always appreciated.

Just as a disclaimer, there were many different products represented there and  as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to point out the ones that caught my attention. For disclosure purposes, I was not paid to write this blog  and have no relationship whatsoever with these companies, nor am I endorsing the products. This is my blog, my opinions and not of the Infusion Nurses Society and is just FYI.

  • Sapiens TCS (Tip Confirmation System) – indicated for use an an alternative method to chest x-ray and fluoroscopy for PICC tip placement confirmation in the adult patients. This system uses the ECG waveforms (P-wave) to allow immediate confirmation of PICC catheter tip placement in adults at the bedside  without chest x-ray. Want more info? click here….
  • Vasonova VPS Tehcnology –  Using a combination of Doppler ultrasound and intravascular ECG, VasoNova™ VPS™ measures multiple physiological parameters to provide real-time navigation as the PICC  advances through the patient’s vasculature. As the catheter tip approaches the heart, VasoNova™ VPS™’ advanced algorithmic logic correctly identifies the unique signature of the CAJ (cavo-atrial junction)and informs the clinician that the tip has reached its desired location. For more information, click here
  • PowerWand – not a PICC (ie not centrally placed); not a PIV but is an option for venous access. It is a power injectable extended dwell catheter (3 inches) with built in accelerated seldinger technique for insertion and requires an ultrasound placement. For more information, click here
  • Cap/Port Protectors – these are devices designed to protect and keep end caps or connectors clean. These are getting increasing attention as a way to decreased CR-BSI. There are several products in this category, check it all out. Here’s a list from a previous blog posts…“When Scrubbing isnt enough” 
  • BioSeal CVC – a topical powder that forms an occlusive seal and microbial barrier around catheters or over a wound to stop the flow of exudate and/or blood and protect the site. Made of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate, this product does not depend on the body’s natural clotting mechanism to form a seal. For more information, click here
  • HemCon GuardIVa – an antimicrobial hemostatic dressing intended for use as a hydrophilic wound dressing to absorb exudate, cover and protect catheter sites. Has CHG  and proprietary oxidized cellulose hemostatic compound to control minor bleeding and oozing encountered with IV placements. For more information, click here

I have  always enjoyed the exhibit hall at any conference. It is good to know the different products and choices available so one can make an informed decision based on the products themselves.

What about the tchotchkes? … well…although gone in pharma and device booths, there were still a few floating around in others….

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  1. Going through the exhibit halls at any meeting is an enjoyable as well as learning experience. I always find that I am more upto date with devices technology and come back home with ideas to implement in my practice.
    Anil Minocha MD
    Shreveport, LA

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