Time flies when you’re having fun!!! This week, the Infusion Nurse Blog is celebrating its two year blog anniversary!!! *throws confetti*

As I said before and again this year, sometimes I still feel like I don’t have anything interesting to blog about. But I am very encouraged, grateful and honored because you have continued to visit, read, post comments, and subscribe to my blog posts. Thank you!!!  Thank you!! Thank you!!

As I always do each anniversary, here are  the top five most read posts this year:

1.  “Just Say No”: this continues to be the most read blog post for the past two years. It’s about avoiding the antecubital fossa when starting a PIV.

2. “Is there a difference? Osmolarity vs. Osmolality”: first time this year for this post to take second place so I’m thinking now you can tell the difference!!

3. “Nurses + Artificial Nails = Bacteria”:  Yes, please no artificial nails if doing patient care!

4. “Infusion by Gravity Drip”:  Yup, doesn’t hurt to know how to calculate drops!!

5. “The Phlebitis Scale does mean something” tied with “Wearing gloves is NOT optional” – a tie for fifth place!!! Never had that before. Obviously, one is about phlebitis and rating severity. The other is…well you know…wear gloves!!

To celebrate this big milestone, I am giving away “two” copies of the “2011 Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice” published by the Infusion Nurses Society.

The rules are simple.

  • To enter: Simply leave a comment (no spam please) below. Giveaway ends 11:59 ET August 31, 2011.
  • Valid comments with your name will be included in a raffle and two lucky winners will be notified by email and announced on this blog by Sept 1, 2011. If I don’t hear back from the winners within 48 hours of sending the winning email, I’ll pick another.
  • Oh sorry….this is open to US residents only!

Thanks again and here’s to another year of blogging!!!! Cheers!!!

Disclosure: I am personally providing the prizes for this giveaway and is no way connected to the Infusion Nurses Society.

6 thoughts on “Two-wah……

  1. I am a new member to Blog site and INS===Yes! I agree with “Just say no”, to the AC vein! Assess and vein choice was taught exactly:
    1.Cephalic vein
    2.Basilic vein
    3.Metacarpal vein ( preferred site for Preop clients)
    4.Dorsal venous arch
    (AC) Antecubital veins being the last resort for routine IV therapy
    Thank you for the professional wisdom 🙂

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