Celebrate I.V. Nurse Day…

In 1980, the professional practice of infusion nursing was formally recognized when the United States House of Representatives declared January 25 as IV Nurse Day. This recognition was the beginning of what the infusion specialty has become. Specialization marks the advancement of nursing practice. It signifies that nursing has moved from a global approach to a focus on defined areas within the practice that require specialized knowledge and skills.

As we celebrate this day, I want to wish each infusion nurse Happy IV Nurse Day. Whatever you do and wherever you are, on this special day, take the time to celebrate the numerous accomplishments that make us proud to be infusion nurses.

To celebrate this special day, we are offering a FREE webinar on January 24, 2012 entitled “Are You There Yet? Integrating Infusion Nursing Standards into your Practice”. Register now and earn 1.o contact hours in nursing. To register,  Click on this link – http://t.co/179YqxxZ


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  1. tremendous blog here! I need to ask you if you would be OK with me including you on a top blog listing for my community of travel nurses?
    I am not a nurse personally however I have come to truly appreciate the individuals that keep our healthcare system running by doing the hardest jobs and usually getting overlooked.

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