IV hydration – a cure all?

As nurses and healthcare providers, we have seen the dramatic effects of infusing IV fluids to patients who are dehydrated, needing fluid replacement/supplement or those with symptoms resulting in electrolyte imbalance, and other cases when taking oral intake of foods/fluids is not enough, and the list goes on….

Now that list includes…HANGOVER! The movie? Well, just like in the movie…it’s that dreaded feeling of  headache, nausea, and vomiting the morning after a long night of drinking too much alcoholic beverages. There is a mobile clinic is Las Vegas (no surprise there) that will provide treatment to  “hangover ” patients  by hydrating them with IV fluids and along with (as indicated) doses of anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medications. This clinic is operated by a physician who is a board certified anesthesiologist. Click here for more info.

As an infusion nurse, I get it and the concept of infusing IV fluids, with nutrients, vitamins to patients with a hangover makes total sense and to be honest, it’s not a new nor a far fetched concept at all. We’ve all seen and know what IV fluid hydration can do but no one has really thought out of the “box” and marketed this as a treatment for hangover. On the other hand, I can also see where this service might be perceived as ‘encouraging” people to drink excessively or morally offensive by others.  It is a business and the founder of the clinic doesn’t hide that at all. And one important thing to note, this is a cash/credit card business – no insurance billing.

So here’s my two cents…. I will admit, there were times  I wished this service existed to get me through my ‘partying” years – those IV fluids would have helped. Now that I am older, boring and an infusion nurse, my advice to those considering this, make sure to tell the truth about your medical history. Yes, you are in Vegas but omitting important medical information might cause more problems. Make sure the technique and procedure used during venipuncture and fluid administration is in compliance with the standards of practice for infusion nursing and/or federal/regulatory standards . While it is just a simple IV stick, it is still a opening in your skin and into your veins and blood stream.  Make sure they have experienced licensed professionals who perform the infusions. And when in Vegas, think “moderation” and don’t let that ‘common sense” out the window so you won’t end up needing these services.

One last note – which is really a disclaimer –  I am in no way involved or endorsing this company or it’s services. I got a chuckle when I saw this news article as I was searching for things to do while I am in Vegas for the INS convention in a few weeks. I thought I’d blog about this because it does make sense and it’s an “out of the box” thinking when it comes to using IV hydration.