It’s that time of year….

December 25…a day to celebrate Christmas or that special holiday you celebrate! Many people are off from work taking time to celebrate with loved ones, friends, and family.  Many are working to keep us safe or away at war striving to protect our country and to care for those who are ill. That includes nurses and other colleagues in the healthcare profession.

Like many of them, I’ve had my share of working on holidays.  I will admit that I didn’t like going in on holidays when everyone else was celebrating so I whined and wished I was off.  But once I got to work, it wasn’t that bad at all. We partied too like we would at home. There were lots of food, chatter, laughter, silly gifts, goofy santa hats, and festive uniforms. We had fun….with the occasional interruption of a beeping infusion pump, clotted central line, and an infiltrated IV.

On this special day, I would like to thank those who are working today to care for sick patients, to keep us safe, and to protect our country. I also would like to thank the growing readers of this blog. I am truly humbled and honored. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy Holidays to all! Wherever you are, be safe and have fun!!

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  1. My wife’s sister is a nurse and had to work on Christmas as well. I just want to chime in and say THANK YOU to all those working whenever we need you. Your medical care does not go unnoticed!

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