Exhibit Hall Experience: INS 2013

This is the part of the INS Annual meeting that I always look forward to.  I am very grateful to all the vendors who were there whether they had something new to show or not because their products contribute greatly to patient care and safety. Their willingness to educate nurses is always appreciated.


Just like last year after the convention, I will highlight a few products. Again, as I always do, here’s my disclaimer –  there were many different products represented there and  as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to point out the ones that caught my attention. For disclosure purposes, I was not paid to write this post  and have no relationship whatsoever with these companies, nor am I endorsing the products. This is my blog, my opinions and not of the Infusion Nurses Society and is just FYI.

  • STATSEAL – a non-prescription hypoallergenic topical powder that forms a seal around catheters or over wounds, stopping the flow of exudate and blood. Comprised of a hydrophilic polymer and potassium ferrate, it acts simultaneously in two steps whereby the hydrophilic polymer rapidly dehydrates the blood and absorbs exudate while the potassium ferrate agglomerates blood proteins to create a seal. This product can be used on IV access sites to stop bleeding and oozing post insertion and minimizes dressing changes as it seals the site for 7 days. They do have a clinical information on the use of their product on CVC sites and other wounds. www.statseal.com 
  • TAPEASE IV Adhesive Tape:  a fast, safe and cost effective way to secure an IV catheter to the skin of a patient. No more contamination from tape torn off a single roll of adhesive tape, which was temporarily stuck in a nearby surface before using on an IV site and sticking to the nurses gloves as you attempt to apply it to the skin. And guess who designed this product…yup 3 nurses!!  For more information, visit their website-www.tapease.com
  •  DRY PRO PICC COVER (latex-free):  this can keep the area around the PICC completely dry, whether the patient is in the shower or the ocean. The Dry Pro™ uses a vacuum seal technology over the PICC or IV line, it is tan colored and open on both ends to keep hands free for use. Patients can now shower, bath and swim with a PICC line with complete waterproof protection. For more information, visit their website – www.drycorp.com