Exhibit Hall Experience INS 2014

At every INS Annual Meeting, the exhibit hall is the one of the highlights of the week.  I am very grateful to all the vendors who were there whether they had something new to show or not because their products contribute greatly to patient care and safety. Their willingness to educate nurses is always appreciated.

As I always do, here’s my disclaimer –  there were many different products represented there and  as the owner of this blog, I reserve the right to point out the ones that caught my attention. For disclosure purposes, I was not paid to write this post  and have no relationship whatsoever with these companies, nor am I endorsing the products. This is my blog, my opinions and not of the Infusion Nurses Society and is just FYI.

 For this post, I would like to feature one of those products that was “born out of necessity” and caught my attention:

Kevin’s Cover, an adjustable PICC/IV shower sleeve designed by Kevin’s mom after Kevin’s PICC line caught on a doorknob and had to be replaced in the emergency room. It is a breatheable, waterproof version available in 7 sizes for kids and adults and features a hook and loop closure that allows for a gentle, adjustable fit. The neoprene wrap at each end ensures a watertight seal so patients have full use of their hands.

Another great idea to protect PICC lines and here’s an interesting review from an infection control perspective. Click here

Check out their You Tube Video


Photo taken by @infusionnurse

This is Kevin who needed a PICC line and as a result his mother designed Kevin’s covers out of necessity to protect his PICC line. For more information, you can contact  them at hamptonhousemedical@gmail.com. Although they have a website, http://www.kevinscovers.com, I was unable to connect to that web address during this post.

Stay tuned for more featured products next few blog posts.