2016 ITSOP: Don’t miss out…

At the end of January, the snail mail delivered the eagerly awaited 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice in my mailbox!! Finally…


I must admit, I don’t have all the 2011 Standards of Practice (SOP) memorized – (shocking, I know) so I just had to pull my old copy out to compare and contrast.

  • First thing I noticed, the 2016 Standards is much thicker than the 2011 edition. Counting only the standard statements and references, without the appendices, illustrations, glossary, acknowledgement, preface and table of contents, etc – there are 128 pages in the new 2016 SOP,  38 more pages than the 2011.
  • Next, I noticed the different title – the 2016 is called the “Infusion Therapy Standards of Practice” vs the 2011 “Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice“. The standards committee stated “the standards are written for clinicians of multiple disciplines with various educational backgrounds, training, certification and licensing, including licensed independent practitioners, because infusion therapy maybe provided by any one of these individuals.
  • Next, I noticed a more extensive listing of references used for evidence in the revision of the 2016 SOP. (yes, pages for some standards.) The cited references were recent publications (2009 -2015) with rated strength of the body of evidence. Kudos to the standards committee for all the hard work on this true evidence based document.
  • So are there more standards in 2016 than 2011 SOP?  I counted about 5 new ones, a few deleted, some re-arranged or merged with other existing standards. If you want more details, check out the INS website (click here)- they have the Infusion Therapy Standards Crosswalk available for free to members. (awesome perk!) Another awesome perk of membership is the FREE webinar on March 1 on the 2016 Infusion Therapy Standards.
  • Electronic version needed ASAP – perhaps due to the printing error, the electronic version is not available yet ( or maybe I haven’t found it where to buy it). It would be a nice handy reference to have on a smartphone or tablet. The hard copy is way too big to carry around and keep in one’s lab coat pocket!

So friends and colleagues, don’t miss out on this important document. Get your copy now from the INS website – click here.