Blog Anniversary…late for Number 8!

Somehow year #8 managed to sneak up on me last August and I managed to forget to post a blog. Oh hey, life happens! But it’s time for celebration and reflection, so let’s look back at the top 8 most read posts this year.

Top 8 most read posts, click on link to each blog posts.

  1. “Is there a difference? Osmolarity vs. Osmolality”  – still the top most read post.
  2. Q & A: PICC vs Midline
  3.  “Calculating and Counting Drops 
  4. “Nurse, my IV Hurts”
  5. “What needle size do I use?”
  6.  “Infusion by Gravity Drip”
  7. “The Phlebitis Scale does mean something”
  8. “IV administration sets: priming volume vs. residual volume

I hope to continue to provide you with interesting and useful information. A sincere thanks to everyone, the regulars who continue to read and support this blog, to the new viewers, and to colleagues who’ve been here since the beginning.  I hope that you will continue to visit, read, post comments, and subscribe to my blog posts.

Thank you so much!

Cora Vizcarra (@infusionnnurse)