Survey Results: Standards of Practice

Here are the results of the survey from a  previous post “Take our survey: Standards of Practice”.

Q1  Are you aware that there is a Standard of Practice for Infusion Nursing?   n=75

Yes:  82.5%                      No:  17.65%

Q2  If you are an RN, LPN or APN performing, administering, delivering IV/infusion therapy, do you think the INS Standards of Practice applies to you?  n=75

Yes: 88%                           No:  12%

Q3  Do you believe that Standards of Practice are only suggestions for practice and not mandatory? n=75

Yes: 76%                          No:  24%

Q4  If you disagree with any one of the standards, do you believe you can be excused from following the standards of practice? n=75

Yes: 18%                          No: 82%

Q5  If your organization’s infusion therapy policies and procedures are significantly different from the Infusion  Nursing Standards of Practice, which would you follow? n=75

My organization’s infusion therapy policies and procedures:  65%

Infusion nursing standards of practice:     18%

Whichever is the strictest policy and procedure:    18%

None of the above:    0


Standards of practice define nursing accountability and provide a framework for evaluating professional competency in the delivery of patient care services. This differs from standards of care, which is developed and individualized by the organization where the care is delivered.

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to participate in the survey. I greatly appreciate your input. Your  thoughts about standards of practice were very valuable.


For more information or to purchase the 2011 Infusion Nursing Standards of Practice, click here.