Just something to think about…

This maybe old news to some…but others may have missed it…


  • Checking for blood return or back flow of blood is good for patency but not a reliable method for assessing infiltration at IV site.
  • If infusion continues to run when you apply digital pressure 3 inches above peripheral IV site in front of catheter tip – suspect infiltration.


  • If you are wondering how much to flush an access device, use this formula to determine flush volume: Minimum volume of flush solution should be equal to at least 2x the volume capacity of catheter & add-on-devices.
  • If using 0.9% Sodium Chloride for flush, preservative free is preferred.
  • If using 0.9% Sodium Chloride with preservative for flush, volume should not exceed 30mL in a 24hr period for adults.
  • If using heparin to flush lines, use the lowest concentration to maintain patency and not cause systemic anticoagulation.

Local Anesthetic:

  • Bacteriostatic 0.9% Sodium Chloride can be used as intradermal anesthesia (numbing) prior to placement of peripheral IV lines. If you’re wondering how this works, read this blog entry.

Infection Control:

  • Nurses shall not wear artificial nails or nail products when performing infusion therapy procedures. This is not wishful thinking, it is a standard of practice. Read this blog entry.

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