SPC Insertion Guide Card Deck

There is a great resource available to nurses and other healthcare providers. It is the SPC insertion guide card deck. The Short Peripheral Catheter (SPC) Insertion Card Deck provides step-by-step instruction for successful venipuncture in children and adults. The deck highlights proper site selection, insertion techniques, as well as care and maintenance methods. It also includes recommendations for identifying common complications such as phlebitis, infiltration, and extravasation. Key information is presented in concise, bulleted points, and is augmented by useful figures.

The laminated 5” x 8” cards (4 cards, 8 sides) are joined with a plastic ring that allows for use in any practice setting. Readily portable, the cards can be carried in a lab coat pocket or attached to a medication cart for easy reference at the point of care.
These card decks are available for purchase at the INS website – click here.

1. SPC Insertion Card Deck: Copyright Infusion Nurses Society used with permission from the Infusion Nurses Society

2. I served as the chairperson of the IV Safety Task Force Committee who developed the position paper and the above insertion card deck. This was a volunteer committee and did not involve any compensation.