Short Peripheral Catheter Checklist

This great resource in available free to download to INS members from the INS website – SPC  Checklist. SPC means short peripheral catheter, which man y of us call “peripheral IV catheter” or “PIV”. This checklist was part of the IV Safety Task Force position paper project on Recommendations for Improving Safety Practices for Short Peripheral Catheters.

SPC Checklist

Modeled after the CDC checklist for Prevention of Central Line Associated Blood Stream Infections, the SPC Checklist covers assessment, monitoring, removal, and safety strategies.  The checklist is designed to help your efforts in implementing evidence based best practices in SPC insertion, care and maintenance as well as promote IV safety practices.

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1. SPC Checklist: Copyright Infusion Nurses Society used with permission from the Infusion Nurses Society

2. I served as the chairperson of the IV Safety Task Force Committee who developed the position paper and the above checklist. This was a volunteer committee and was not compensated for this project.