Infusions in Physician Offices

Nearly 53 million outpatient procedures are performed annually in the United States. While most of these procedures occur in hospital outpatient departments, a growing number are being done in nonhospital-based facilities such as ambulatory surgery centers and physician offices. One of these procedures include infusion therapy, the administration of fluids and medications via the venous system for many indications such as cancer, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, hereditary disorders and others.

Topping the list of IV medications are biologics, followed by other IV medications for the treatment of hereditary disorders, osteoporosis and infectious diseases. While offering infusion services to patients in a physician’s office provide a more integrated care and increased patient adherence to treatment, there are challenges associated with infusions in this setting.

Join me in a web seminar presentation entitled “A Practical Approach to Infusions in Physician Offices” on June 3, 2015 and July 9, 2015. This presentation will provide an overview of the infusion process, the challenges and practical approaches for the safe and successful physician office infusions.

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